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Modeler toolbars
The following toolbars are available to help you work with Modeler.
Standard - includes buttons for performing standard tasks, such as cut and paste operations.
Find - includes buttons for performing find operations.
Change Tracking - includes buttons for selecting active change notes (available only when change tracking is enabled).
State Simulation - includes buttons for working with system simulations.
ACS/TDK Control - includes buttons for controlling TDK and ACS.
When a diagram is active, the following toolbars are available:
Common Diagram - includes standard buttons for working with diagrams, such as, symbols alignment buttons.
Variability - includes buttons for adding variability items to a diagram.
<diagram type> - includes buttons for adding items to a diagram.
When the Code Editor is active, the following toolbar is available:
Code Editor Toolbar - includes buttons for working with the Code Editor, such as, the Save button.