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Interface device concurrency model
The interface device is a shared element between the system architecture and the Concurrency Models. It is an externally-facing piece of hardware that interacts with an actor or a subsystem in the System Architecture Model, or with a different system entirely.
Use the icon on the Concurrency Diagram toolbar to add an interface device to the diagram, or you can drag an interface device from the dictionary.
After adding an interface device, you can change it both through the diagram using the interface device Property pages and the context menu.
You attach a type to indicate the interface in which the interface device operates.
To create a new interface device type:
In the Packages pane, right-click the Package that is to own the new Interface Device Type, point to New, Proprietary, point to System Architecture Model, and then click Interface Device Type.
To associate an interface device with a type:
1. Click the interface device on the diagram or in the dictionary.
2. Select the Options tab of the Property pages.
3. Click the required item from the Interface Device Type list.
The interface device is now associated with an interface.
Creating new items associated with a type:
Drag an interface device type onto the diagram from the dictionary or relationships pane.
The interface device displayed on the diagram is automatically associated with that type.