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Excludes dependency
For automation interface information about an Excludes Dependency (Dependency of type Excludes through the automation interface), see Dependency (automation interface)Dependency (automation interface).
An Excludes Dependency is a Dependency of type Excludes. For reference information about Dependencies, see Dependency (dictionary item).
An Excludes Dependency specifies that the inclusion of a Variant or Variation Point requires the exclusion of another Variant or Variation Point. When the Status of one of the link items (a Variant or Variation Point) is set to Included, Modeler sets the Status of the other item (a Variant or Variation Point) to Excluded.
Create an Excludes Dependency through any diagram: click the toolbar button, click the first Variation Point or Variant, and then click the second Variation Point or Variant. If you are creating an Excludes Dependency between a Variation Point and Variant, you must create the link from the Variant.
When shown on a diagram, an Excludes Dependency's notation is as follows:
For information about the View Options available for this symbol, see Excludes view options - all diagrams.
On a diagram you can populate Excludes Dependencies in the following ways:
Right-click the diagram background, point to Populate, and then click 'Variability, Artifact, Constraint Dependencies'.
This command populates missing Artifact, Excludes, Requires and Variability Dependencies between items shown on the diagram.
Right-click a Variation Point or Variant, point to Populate, and then click Constraints Dependencies.
This command populates missing Excludes Dependencies and Requires Dependencies for the item you right-clicked, adding to the diagram any Variation Points or Variants that are required to show those missing Excludes and Requires Dependencies.
Note that only one Excludes Dependency can be created between two items. If you create an Excludes Dependency between two items and an Excludes Dependency relationship already exists between those two items:
If the existing Excludes Dependency is not shown on the diagram, that Excludes Dependency is added to the diagram.
If the existing Excludes Dependency is shown on the diagram, Modeler creates another instance of that Excludes Dependency on the diagram
In the Modeler panes, a short-cut symbol on the Artifact Dependency's icon indicates that the item is a stub. For more information, see Stubs.