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Deleting a large package
1. Select the Package that you want to delete.
2. On the Package context menu, click Tools > Delete Large Package.
Use the Delete Large Package command if the package is too large to delete in a single transaction.
When you delete a Package, Modeler deletes all items scoped by that Package.
It is not possible to undo a Delete Large Package operation.
You can delete a Package only if you have Owner access permissions to that Package. For more information Package Owner access permissions, see Package - Owner access permissions for Modeler users.
Deleting very large packages could take hours, so this should be considered when deciding to use this command.
It is recommended that you modify the operational parameters for the database when using this function. Increase the Maximum Number of Locks parameter to be at least ten times the default (e.g. 2,000,000).
On delete scripts are not executed when deleting large packages.