UML Modeling Techniques > System modes modeling > Creating state machine items > Creating a transition
Creating a transition
1. On the State Diagram toolbar, click the Transition button.
2. Click the source state for the Transition, and then click the destination state for the Transition.
3. Type the text for the Event Action Block's Action property, and then press the Enter key.
4. To further define the Event Action Block:
a. Open the Event Action Block's property pages.
b. In the Trigger Type list, click the required trigger type. See Accept event action (dictionary item).
c. Specify the Guard Conditions and Actions properties of the Event Action Block.
If you refer to any dictionary items, use model object references in the rich text.
d. If the trigger type is set to Signal or Call, link the Event Action Block with the required Event or Operation: You can do this through the Select button on the Options tab of the Event Action Block's Property Pages.
If the trigger type is Time, set the Time Expression property.
If the trigger type is Change, set the Change Expression property.