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Creating a product model from a product model
When a Product Model contains undecided Variants, you can make decisions for those undecided Variants in the Product Model and then create a new Product Model from the Product Model. This allows Product Models to be refined in multiple phases, for example a 150% Product Model can be filtered to be a 130% Product Model, then to a 100%, fully configured Product Model.
When you make decisions for a Decision Set in a Product Model, you may be able to make decisions that would have been invalid in the Decision Set from which the Product Model was created. This is because constraints that may have applied because of Excludes and Requires relationships in the original Product Line Model will no longer apply if those Excludes and Requires relationships have been removed from the Product Model.
To create a product model from a product model:
1. From Modeler or the Variant Selector, open the Product Model from which you want to create a new Product Model. See Opening a model in the variant selector.
2. Create the Product Model from the required Decision Set using the Create Product Model command or button. See Creating a product model.
You can create a Product Model using a Decision Set only when there are no inconsistencies in that Decision Set and at least one Decision has been made. See:
Modeler creates the new Product Model as a new variant (branch) of the Product Model.
Product Models created from a Product Model cannot be rebased or reconciled.