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Model Differencer dialog - for package diff
The Model Differencer dialog allows you to compare the differences between the same Package in different versions of a model or different models.
The Model Differencer dialog is opened when you perform the following operations from Modeler: when you right-click a Package, and then click Tools > Diff With Other Model.
In the Model Differencer dialog you can expand items to locate the items that are different in each Package: these entries are shown in Bold. In the columns for the models, the dialog shows you what the differences are.
You can navigate from one difference to another difference through the following toolbar buttons:
Navigate to Previous Difference
Navigate to Next Difference
Dialog columns
The Model Differencer dialog has the following columns:
Type - Shows the symbols of the item types shown in the Name column.
For links and properties, the type column is blank.
Name - Shows an explorer view of the items, properties and links that are different in the model Packages being differenced. Expand an entry for more information.
Feature - For links and properties, shows the name of the link or property.
For items, the Feature column is blank.
Source Model Version - Reports on differences between the source model Package you right-clicked and the target model Package.
Target Model Version - Reports on differences between the target model Package and the source model Package you right-clicked.
Reporting of differences
The columns for the model versions show you what the differences are between the models. For example:
'Added' means that the item has been added to the model Package in that model version.
'Only Present in this model' means that the item appears in that model Package, but not the other model Package.
For links the columns show the items that are linked through that link in each model Package.
For properties the columns show the value of the property in that model Package.
Details dialog
The Details dialog allows you to see more information about the following differences:
Differences between diagrams in the Model Packages. The Details dialog shows the diagram in each model Package.
Differences between the values of a property. The Details dialog shows the full value of each property.
Differences between items that are linked through a link. The Details dialog shows the items that are linked through the link.
To open the Details dialog, select the entry for which you want more information, and then click the Show Detailed Differences toolbar button.
Generating XML reports
You can generate the shown differences to an XML report: Click Generates an XML Report of the Differences toolbar button.
You can also generate an XML difference report through the ModelDifferencer.execommand line interface. For more information about creating XML difference reports through the command line interface, click here Model Differencer Dialog Command Line Interface.