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To Use the Windchill Workgroup Manager
1. To establish a connection to Windchill Workgroup Manager from PTC Mathcad Prime, click the button, and then click Options. The PTC Mathcad Options dialog box opens.
2. On the Options tab, click Enable Windchill Integration. The Workgroup Manager commands are inserted in the Button commands.
3. To display shortcuts to Windchill locations such as Primary Active Workspace, Workspace Local Directory, and registered Windchill server commonspace, click Open > Open from Windchill.
4. To save the current worksheet to the workspace, click Save.
5. To automatically check in the current worksheet to the primary active workspace, click Save > Auto Check In.
6. To access the Check-In page and change check-in options, click Save > Custom Check In.
7. To check out the current PTC Mathcad Prime (.MCDX) worksheet, click Windchill > Check Out.
8. To cancel the checkout of the current worksheet, click Windchill > Undo Check Out.
9. To open the Workgroup Manager (if closed), or access it (if open), click Windchill > Workgroup Manager.
10. To open the Windchill Server Manager window, where you can view or change Windchill servers and server active workspaces, click Windchill > Server Manager.
11. To access the Windchill Event Manager on the current server, click Windchill > Event Manager.
12. To open the Windchill Workgroup Manager Help Center, click Windchill > Workgroup Manager Help.
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