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To Type Input Expressions in Excel Components
1. Click the Inputs area in the Excel component.
2. Type excel and press [ to insert a subscripted string.
3. Type an input cell range string between quotation marks. "Sheet1!A1:B3" specifies the Excel worksheet name, the top-left cell, and the bottom-right cell. "Sheet1!A1" writes to a single cell.
4. Press : (colon) to add a definition operator and type the input expression. Excel accepts scalars, matrices, strings, or previously defined PTC Mathcad variables.
For example, in the expression 123 is assigned to cell A1.
If you are writing to the first Excel worksheet, you do not have to mention the worksheet name. The expression is equivalent to the above input expression.
You can also insert an input expression by right-clicking the Inputs area, and selecting Insert Input Expression from the shortcut menu.
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