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To Replace or Delete an Operator
1. In a math expression, click an operator. The operator is highlighted in blue and its operands are highlighted in gray:
2. To replace the operator, insert another operator:
Not all operators can be replaced by all other operators. For example, the percent operator cannot be replaced by the square root operator.
3. To delete the operator, press Backspace. The outcome depends on the operator and its operands.
The operator is unary.
The operand is left behind.
The operator is binary and its two operands are integers.
The operands are merged into a new integer.
The operator is binary and at least one of its operands is not an integer.
The operator is overwritten by the scaling operator. The two operands are thus multiplied.
The operator cannot be deleted without deleting its operands.
The term is highlighted in red. If you press Backspace again, the whole term is deleted.
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