To Move an Axis
You can drag an axis or you can use the Ribbon to move axes. When using the Ribbon, at least one of the axis ranges must contain a zero.
Using the Pointer
1. On a plot, place the pointer over an axis until it changes to .
2. Click and drag the y-axis horizontally or the x-axis vertically. The axis snaps to the closest tick mark on the other axis. For effects plots, the y-axis only snaps to the ends of the x-axis.
Using the Ribbon When Axis Ranges Contain a Zero
1. Select a plot.
2. On the Plots tab, in the Axes group, click Cross Axes at 0,0. The axis crossing changes as follows:
Both axis ranges contain a zero—The axes cross at 0,0.
One axis range contains a zero—One axis snaps at the 0 tick mark of the other axis.
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