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Example: Editing an Excel Component
You cannot copy the expressions from this example.
1. Define a 5 x 5 identity matrix.
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+E to insert a blank Excel component.
3. Assign matrix M to the Excel component, placing the first matrix element in the first Excel cell A1.
If you are referring to Sheet1, you do not have to mention the sheet number.
Besides typing in data, you can also copy data from an external Excel file, and paste it inside the Excel component.
4. Double-click the Excel component table and change the value of cell F1 to 999 inside the Excel application.
5. Press Ctrl+S and close the Excel window. Cell F1 is set to 999.
6. Double-click the Excel component table, change the value of cell A1 to 999, and press Ctrl+S. Cell A1 changes to 999.
7. Close the Excel window. The value of cell A1 is 1 again, since the input expression overwrites whatever is in Excel.
8. Add an output expression that assigns the value of cells E1-F2 to a variable x.
9. 8. Evaluate x.
Empty cells in Excel are assigned as 0 to variables in a PTC Mathcad worksheet.
10. Set the value of cell A2 to 111.
11. Change the order of the two input variables.
Now the value of cell A2 reflects M because this assignment occurs after 111 was assigned to A2.
12. Set the value of cell F1 to NaN.
When you assign NaN to a cell, it becomes a blank cell.
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