Editing a Combo Box
By default, a combo box has a single name and value columns.
On the Input/Output tab, in the Controls group, use the Edit icon . Alternatively, right-click the combo box and select Edit from the shortcut menu.
To add or remove rows and columns, use the respective ribbon icons or keyboard shortcuts that you use in tables and matrices. Similarly, the Delete key deletes the selected cells, column, and rows.
Combo boxes displays a maximum of 9 items. To view additional items, use the vertical scroll bar.
To move between cells in edit mode, use the Tab and arrow keys.
Cells in the combo box must have only one text line.
Hide Left Hand Side of the Equation
To toggle the display of left hand side of the expression, on the Input/Output tab, in the Controls group, click Show Left Side. To view the hidden left hand side, click the expression.
The Show Left Side toggles only when right-hand side of the expression has a single combo box.
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