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Base Dimensions and Unit Names
The following table lists the base dimensions in PTC Mathcad, and it gives an example of a unit for each dimension:
Example Unit
Ampere (A)
Meter (m)
Luminous intensity
Candela (cd)
Kilogram (kg)
Dollar ($)
Mole (mol)
Kelvin (K)
Second (s)
For some engineering units such as cal and BTU, PTC Mathcad adopts one common definition for the unit name but allows you to insert one of several alternative unit names in your results, corresponding to alternative definitions of that unit. In the case of horsepower, for example, PTC Mathcad uses the UK definition of the unit hp but gives you several variants, such as water horsepower, metric horsepower, boiler horsepower, and electric horsepower.
Additional Information
The Kelvin is the default temperature unit in PTC Mathcad.
Unlike the degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius, the Kelvin is not referred to as a "degree", nor is it typeset with a degree symbol; that is, it is written K and not °K.
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