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Changing User Interface Strings
Strings in the user interface, such as titles, labels, and messages, can be changed by updating the localization tokens that are used in the mashups. This can be useful if you want to replace terms in user interface strings with terms that are more commonly used in your business.
To change user interface strings, complete the following steps:
1. In ThingWorx Composer, open System > Localization Tables.
2. Choose the localization table corresponding to the current language.
3. Under Localization Tokens, search for the token that you want to change. Click the token name to open the editing pane.
4. Edit the token value and click Checkmark icon..
5. To localize the custom value, repeat this process in the localization table for each appropriate language.
6. Click Save.
You can click Cancel to discard your changes.
For more information, see Localization Tables in the ThingWorx Help Center. For information about translating strings to a language that is not supported by ThingWorx, see Adding a New Language which is not Supported by ThingWorx in the ThingWorx Help Center.
The localization tables are overwritten when new upgrades are installed. To keep your localization table modifications, export the customized localization table before performing an upgrade, and import it back after the upgrade is complete. For more information, see Customization and Upgrade.
Localized Database Strings
Certain database values, such as job order statuses, metric names, and reason category names, are localized using database tables rather than the localization table functionality in ThingWorx Composer. These strings cannot be changed through any user interface mechanism. For more information, see Localization of Database Strings Using Database Tables.
You can provide translations for the names and descriptions of any reason codes that you have created. For more information, see Providing Translations for Customer-Created Reason Code Names and Descriptions.
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