Main Frame Mashup
The main frame mashup (PTC.ActionTracker.MainFrame_MU) contains the actions list mashup and passes parameters such as Manager to the contained mashups.
The Action Tracker main page, with a red rectangle indicating the main frame mashup.
The PTC.ActionTracker.MainFrame_MU mashup uses the following widgets:
A Contained Mashup widget, which calls the actions list mashup.
The input parameters for the PTC.ActionTracker.MainFrame_MU mashup are:
SelectedAction—The action or actions selected in the table.
MashupName—The name of the current mashup.
Manager—The manager from which the dynamic services on this mashup are run.
The output parameters for the PTC.ActionTracker.MainFrame_MU mashup are the same as the input parameters.
There are no services used by the PTC.ActionTracker.MainFrame_MU mashup.
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