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Key Services (Action Tracker Building Block)
The Action Tracker building block contains CRUD services for the action and task database tables. It also contains validation as well as computation services.
You can view all services in this building block on the Services page of the PTC.ActionTracker.Manager Thing.
The following key services are implemented on the PTC.ActionTracker.Management_TS Thing Shape.
CalculateActionDuration—Calculates the action duration in days by taking the action start and end date as inputs.
GetBaselineOEE—Calculates the baseline OEE or current OEE based on the action start and end date or a specified start and end date.
GetMidnightForDate—Retrieves the midnight date-time for the specified date and user offset.
QueryActions—Retrieves all matching rows of actions based on the user input in the filters section.
QueryBaseline—Computes the baseline value for the previous 30 days from the average loss hours.
QueryHoursSaved—Computes the hours that have been saved since the action started.
QueryOwners—Retrieves the list of users who are allowed to assign actions.
QueryPriorDay—Computes the loss hours value for the previous full day.
QueryStatus—Retrieves a list of action statuses.
QueryTimeLossTrend—Retrieves data for the time loss trend chart that is displayed in the main action list mashup.
QueryTimeLossTrendSingleAction—Retrieves data for the time loss trend chart that is displayed in the edit and view action mashup.
SearchActions—Searches the action table using the input string.
ValidateBaselineDateRange—Validates user input for the baseline selection popup.
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