Grid Mashup
This mashup is designed to be easily replaced with a customized mashup so long as the customized mashup has the same inputs and outputs. For more information, see Replacing Modular Mashups.
The grid mashup (PTC.ActionTracker.Grid_MU) displays the list of actions present in the system and the toolbar actions.
The Action Tracker main page, with a red rectangle indicating the grid mashup.
The actions displayed in the list are determined by the applied filters selections. If no filters have been applied, then all actions are displayed in the list. You can further filter the list of actions by entering a search string in the Search field. Click the Create Action button to add a new action. Select one or more actions and click Delete to delete the actions and their associated tasks. Select an action in the list and click View Action to view and edit the action.
The PTC.ActionTracker.Grid_MU mashup uses the following widgets:
A Text Field widget for the search field.
An invisible Infotable Selector widget. When no row is selected in the table, this widget disables the Delete button.
Multiple Button widgets:
For the Create Action button.
For the Delete button. This button is enabled when one or more rows in the table are selected, and disabled when no row is selected.
For the View Action button. This button is enabled when a single row is selected, and disabled when on row or multiple rows are selected.
A Grid widget, which lists the actions.
The input parameters for the PTC.ActionTracker.Grid_MU mashup are:
StartDate—The start date from the applied Date Range filter.
EndDate—The end date from the applied Date Range filter.
Equipment—The equipment selected in the applied Equipment filter.
Status—The status selected in the applied Status filter.
Owner—The owner selected in the applied Owner filter.
ReasonCategTable—The reason categories selected in the applied Global Loss filter.
MashupName—The name of the current mashup.
Manager—The manager from which the dynamic services on this mashup are run.
SelectedAction—The action or actions selected in the grid.
The output parameters for the PTC.ActionTracker.Grid_MU mashup are the same as the input parameters.
The mashup uses the following dynamic services from the PTC.ActionTracker.Management_TS Thing Shape:
DeleteActions—Deletes the selected action or actions.
GetAddActionMashupConfiguration—Retrieves the modular mashup that is configured to launch when the Create Action button is clicked. For more information, see Action Tracker Modular Mashups.
GetDeleteConfirmationTokenLabel—Retrieves the correct text for the delete confirmation window based on whether you are deleting one action or multiple actions.
GetEditActionMashupConfiguration—Retrieves the modular mashup that is configured to launch when the View button is clicked. For more information, see Action Tracker Modular Mashups.
QueryActions—Takes the applied filter selections and builds the table with the actions that satisfy the applied filters.
SearchActions—Searches the actions displayed in the table based on the string entered in the Search field.
SetViewActionDisabledState—Disables the View Action button when either no actions are selected or multiple actions are selected.
Dynamic services allow you to select the entity to execute a service at runtime. In this case, the service can be executed from any entity that implements the PTC.ActionTracker.Management_TS Thing Shape. For more information, see Dynamic Services in the Mashup Builder section of the ThingWorx Help Center.
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