Service Layers Overview
The following diagram displays the service layers in the work instructions building block. Information on each layer is provided below.
Service layers overview.
UI Utilities
JavaScript implementation
Client UI logic
Calling the services on a configured manager
Converting parameters and results between the UIs and services, if needed
Contains no business logic implementation
JavaScript implementation
Manages the business logic for its related functionality, such as job orders, work definitions, personnel, materials, and processing resources
Calls the services on a database connection Thing
Converts parameters and results between the manager and the database connection, if needed
Contains no SQL implementation
Database Connection
The database connection layer is not part of the work instructions building block, but instead comes from the database connection building block.
Java implementation
Performs create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) actions on the database tables
Queries the database tables using JSON filters
Is database independent, uses JDBC-based SQL
Contains no business logic implementation
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