Linking Work Definitions to a Job Order
Work definitions can be linked to a job order using a job-order-to-work-definition link (PTC.SCA.SCO.JobOrderWorkDefinitionLink). Any work definition can be linked to a job order, whether it is a root work definition (the top-level work definition for a set of work instructions) or a child work definition. Any number of work definitions can be linked to a job order, however, an individual work definition can be linked to only one job order. If you want to use a work definition more than once, you can clone the work definition and then link the clones.
The following services are available for managing job-order-to-work-definition links:
CreateJobOrderWorkDefinitionLinks—Create one or more new job-order-to-work-definition links.
DeleteJobOrderWorkDefinitionLink—Deletes a job-order-to-work-definition link.
GetJobOrderWorkDefinitionLinks—Retrieves a list of all job-order-to-work-definition links with the specified job order UID.
GetJobOrderWorkDefinitions—Retrieves a list of work definitions that are linked to the specified job order UID.
GetReferencingJobOrderWorkDefinitionLik—Retrieves the job-order-to-work-definition links, if any, for the specified work definition UID.
UpdateJobOrderWorkDefinitionLinks—Update one or more job-order-to-work-definition links.
These services can be executed from the default production order manager (PTC.SCA.SCO.DefaultProductionOrderManager).
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