Configuring the MPMLink Work Definition Converter
The MPMLink work definition converter Thing (PTC.SCA.SCO.MPMLinkWorkDefinitionConverter) is configured to refer to a Connector Thing (by default, PTC.SCA.SCO.MPMLink_ODataConnector) and a FileRepository Thing (PTC.SCA.SCO.DefaultOperatorAdvisorFileRepository).
The MPMLink Work Definition Converter from ThingWorx Composer.
Ensure that the Connector field references your configured MPMLink OData connector Thing. If you create and use a different connector, update the Thing specified for the Connector on the MPMLink work definition converter accordingly. For more information, see Configuring the MPMLink OData Connector.
The Thing specified for the FileRepository is used to store documents and illustrations pulled from Windchill MPMLink, so that they can be retrieved offline.
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