Configuring the Content Proxy Media Entity
The content proxy media entity (PTC.SCA.SCO.OperatorAdvisorContentProxyMediaEntity) allows file content to be downloaded, while taking advantage of additional authentication options when connecting to back-end systems. The following Authentication Type settings are available on the media entity:
basic—Basic authentication (user name/password)
SSO—Authentication provided through SSO (Single Sign-On)
Session User—Authentication provided using Windchill
For more information on configuring for the Session User authentication option, see Configuring the Work Instructions Building Block for Session User (Windchill Authentication).
To configure the content proxy media entity, set the following options on the Configuration page:
Dynamic Content—This checkbox must be selected.
URL—Specify the base URL for the system to which you are connecting for downloading content. Ensure that you specify the appropriate transport mechanism (http or https) in the URL.
If you are using the SSO authentication type and have an SSL-enabled Windchill instance using the SSL standard port (443), then you do not need to include the port number in the URL value. For example, if your URL is, then for the URL value, enter
Ignore SSL Errors—If SSL errors are to be ignored, select this checkbox.
Test Connection URL—Specify a fully formed URL to a valid resource in the connected system. When Dynamic Content is selected and Test Connection URL is specified, the media entity automatically tests the connection using the specified authentication information before persisting the configurations on the entity. The configurations on the media entity are not saved unless the connection is validated.
Specify the configuration settings appropriate for the chosen authentication type. For example, to configure for basic authentication:
Set the Authentication Type to basic.
Specify the Username and Password for connecting to the system specified in the URL value.
Additional configurations are necessary depending on the selected Authentication Type. For more information, see Media in the ThingWorx Help Center.
When the content proxy media entity is configured for basic authentication, you can take advantage of the fallback mechanism that downloads file content without using the media entity services. To do this, specify the FileServerUserName and FileServerPassword properties on the MPMLink work definition converter Thing (PTC.SCA.SCO.MPMLinkWorkDefinitionConverter).
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