Adding Custom Entities to the Cloning Services
If you have added custom entities to the work instructions building block data model and want these custom entities to be included when cloning work definitions, they must be added to the cloning services.
To add a custom entity to the cloning services, complete the following steps:
1. In ThingWorx Composer, navigate to the default production order manager Thing (PTC.SCA.SCO.DefaultProductionOrderManager).
2. Under Services, override the CreateWorkDefinitionClone service.
3. In the script pane, add a new function at the end of the service for cloning your custom entity. Use the existing cloning functions as a model.
4. Find the set of function calls beginning with cloneWorkDefinitionControlCharacteristics and ending with cloneChildren. Add a call to your new function in this section, before the cloneChildren function call.
5. Click Save and Continue to save the customized service.
6. Click Save to save the Thing.
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