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Reason Code Building Block
The reason code building block provides the ability to define configurable reasons that can be attached to events. This allows for that event to be categorized and tracked. In the DPM solution, reason codes are used to provide detailed context to work unit availability events, performance loss events, and quality events. The event data is used to calculate overall time losses for a work unit so that operators can investigate the reasons for inefficiency, and address the problems to make improvements.
The reason code building block is comprised of an abstract building block (PTC.ReasonCode) and an implementation building block (PTC.ReasonCodeImpl). You can view the contents of these building blocks by viewing the PTC.ReasonCode and PTC.ReasonCodeImpl projects in ThingWorx Composer.
The PTC.ReasonCode project has the following dependencies:
The PTC.ReasonCodeImpl project has the following dependencies:
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