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Database Schema (Metric Building Block)
The metric building block leverages the PTC.DBConnection building block to implement the database. All database configurations and rules can be found by examining the GetDBInfo service on the PTC.Metric.Manager Thing.
The following diagram shows the schema for the material master database objects:
Database schema diagram for the metric building block.
The following Data Shapes in the PTC.Metric project define the objects in the database schema:
PTC.Metric.Metric—Defines the metric.
PTC.MaterialMaster.UOM—Defines a unit of measure.
PTC.Metric.MetricRollUp—Defines the metric roll-up behavior, either Aggregate or Average.
PTC.Metric.MetricCorrelation—Defines the metric correlation, either Positive, Negative or Neutral.
PTC.Metric.ModelMetricColorStatus—Defines the performance threshold for each metric and model (equipment) pair.
PTC.Metric.ModelMetricTarget—Defines the performance target set for unique non-neutral metric and model (equipment) pair.
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