Historical Data Management Thing Shape Services
The following services are found on the historical data management Thing Shape (PTC.DBConnection.HistoricalDataManagement_TS):
Read Services
GetHistoricalData—Retrieves entries from the historical data database table. Use an optional filter, limit, or offset input parameter to filter the results returned.
Input parameters:
filter (JSON)
offset (INTEGER)
limit (INTEGER)
Output: result (INFOTABLE)
Deletion Services
PurgeHistoricalData—Deletes entries from the historical data database table that are older than the specified data age in days. For example, if 14 is specified as the input parameter, any entries in the historical data database table that are older than 14 days are deleted. This service is called by the historical data purge scheduler (PTC.DBConnection.HistoricalDataPurgeScheduler). While the service can be executed manually, allowing the scheduler to call the service is preferable.
Input parameters: dataAgeInDays (INTEGER)
Output: No output
Miscellaneous and Utility Services
GetHistoricalDataDBInfo—Retrieves the database table information related to historical data, such as database table column names. Used internally by other services. Not intended for standalone use.
Input parameters: No inputs
Output: result (JSON)
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