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Assembling a Solidworks Assembly
1. On the Home tab, click New. The New dialog box opens.
a. Under Type click Assembly.
b. In the Name box, type connecting_rod_assembly.
c. Clear the Use default template check box.
d. Click OK. The New File Options dialog box opens.
2. In the New File Options dialog box, do the following:
a. Under Template, select mmns_asm_design.
b. Click OK.
3. On the Model tab, click Assemble from the Component group. The Open dialog box opens.
4. From the Type drop-down list, select SolidWorks Assembly (*.sldasm).
5. Select connecting_rod_assembly_sw.SLDASM and click Import. The Import New Model dialog box opens.
6. Click OK. The part opens in the graphics window and the Component Placement tab opens.
7. Right-click in the graphics window and click Default Constraint.
8. On the Component Placement tab, click .
9. On the Quick Access toolbar, click Save and then click Close.