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Creating Patterns
1. In Creo Parametric, set the working directory to <downloaded files location> > Exercise 2.
2. Click Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
3. Select crankshaft.prt and click Open. The part opens in the graphics window.
4. On the in-graphics toolbar, click Datum Display Filters, and clear the (Select All) check box to clear all datum displays.
5. On the in-graphics toolbar, click Saved Orientations, and click BACK.
6. In the Model Tree, right-click Extrude 8, and, click Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
7. Click the arrow next to Dimension and select Direction.
8. In the Model Tree, select datum plane RIGHT for direction reference.
9. Edit the number of members to 5 and press ENTER.
10. Set the pattern spacing dimension to 89.3 and press ENTER.
11. Click .