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Creating and Patterning Holes
1. On the Model tab, click Hole from the Engineering group. The Hole tab opens.
2. Click the Placement tab and do the following:
a. Click in the Placement box and select the surface as shown in the following figure.
b. Click in the Offset References box, press CTRL, and select datum planes TOP and FRONT.
c. Edit the offset reference dimensions for datum plane TOP to 0 and for datum plane FRONT to 31.9.
3. On the Hole tab, edit the hole diameter value to 9 and press ENTER.
4. Click the arrow next to and click .
5. Click .
6. In the Model Tree, right-click Hole 1, and click Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
7. Click the arrow next to Dimension and click Axis.
8. Select Axis A_41 as shown in the following figure.
9. Edit the number of members to 6 and press ENTER.
10. Edit the angular dimension to 60 and press ENTER.
11. Click .
Congratulations! You have completed this exercise.
On the Quick Access toolbar, click Save and then click Close for all active windows.