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Multiphase: Fuel Tank Exercise 4—Defining Physics Modules
1. In the Flow Analysis Tree, right-click Physics and select Select Physical Models. or click Physics Module. The Physical Model Selection dialog box opens.
2. Under Available Modules, select Multiphase and click
3. Click Close to close the Physical Model Selection dialog box.
4. In the Flow Analysis Tree select Common.
5. In the Model tab set Time Definition to Transient.
6. In the Flow Analysis Tree, select Flow.
7. In the Model tab select the following values for the options listed:
Converge Criterion—0.1
Under Numerics, for Numeric Scheme set the following values:
Velocity2nd Order Upwind
Gravity ForceYes
g—0, 0, -9.81 m/s2
8. Under Physics, select and right-click Multiphase.
9. Select Add Component. Do this twice.
10. Two values comp_1 and comp_2 are added in the Properties panel for Components.
11. Rename comp_1 as fuel and rename comp_2 as air.
12. In the Model tab, for Numerics, set Implicit Method to No.