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Exploring the Results of the Topology Optimization Study
Explore the topology optimization study results by performing actions on the Results tab, such as those described in the sections below.
Explore the Topology Element Density of the Isosurface
Under Results > Responses, select Topology Element Density. Then under Results > Isosurfaces, select an option:
Click Results > Isosurface to show an isosurface that encloses all the regions where the density is greater than the lower cutoff value.
Click Results > Isosurface with Topology Region to show the same isosurface as above, along with the topology region as it appeared before material was removed to show the isosurface.
Explore the Element Values Represented by a Color Mesh
Click Filled Elements or Filled Contours as described below. The values range from 0 through 1, with 1 representing the areas that remain after optimization, and 0 representing areas that are removed:
Click Results > Filled Elements to show each element filled completely with its result value color. The results are averaged to the elements.
Click Results > Filled Contours to show contour lines based on grid result values. The results are averaged to the grids, so the contour lines appear smoother.
Explore Cross Sections of the Results
1. Click Results > Section, and then click a direction for the cutting plane:
No Section—Shows the model without a cross section. Use this option to remove the cross-sectional view.
X Direction—Perpendicular to the x-axis.
Y Direction—Perpendicular to the y-axis.
Z Direction—Perpendicular to the z-axis.
2. Use the upper and lower sliders to move the cutting plane a distance along the selected direction. For example, click Z Direction, and slide the Section Upper Cutoff slider to show cross sections along the z-direction.
Explore the Deformation
1. In the Response Types list, select Displacement.
2. From the Deform list, select how to view the deformation results:
Undeformed—Without deformation.
Static—A static deformed shape.
Oscillate—A deformed shape that is animated by scaling the displacements with a sine wave. The animation moves smoothly.
Ramp—A deformed shape that is animated by scaling the displacements with a sawtooth wave that ramps the displacement from zero to the scale factor. The animation pauses at each step.
3. Click. Show Undeformed Shape. The undeformed results appear on top of the Static, Oscillate, or Ramp options.