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Cyclone Separator Exercise 6—Performing the Simulation
Simulation is performed with various options for steady and transient types.
* Monitoring points must be created before you perform the simulation.
1. In the Flow Analysis Tree, under Physics select Common.
2. In the Properties panel, Model tab, set values for the options as listed below:
Number of Iterations—500
Time DefinitionSteady State Simulation
Result Saving Frequency—100
3. In the Run group, click Run to begin the simulation. The default settings are set to Start from Initial Values and Steady in the Run group.
4. Click XYPlot Panel to view the residuals for the steady simulation.
* The default convergence criterion is 0.001 for steady state simulations. When the residuals for all the variables reduce by 3 orders or the maximum number of iterations is reached, the calculation stops.
5. Click OK when the simulation is complete.