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Cyclone Separator Exercise 2—Preparing the Mesh
A mesh is a computational grid inside, outside, or both inside and outside any closed geometry defined by a CAD surface.
Generating the Mesh
1. In the Flow Analysis Tree, select Domains.
2. In the Properties panel, Model tab, for Mesh Generation, type the following values:
Maximum Cell Size0.02
Minimum Cell Size0.0007
Cell Size on Surfaces0.01
The values are retained as default settings. You can change these if required.
3. Click Generate Mesh to create the mesh for the fluid domain.
Viewing the Mesh
1. Click in the Graphics toolbar to display the style elements. Select No Hidden, Hidden Line, or Wireframe to display the mesh.
2. Clear CAD Bodies and Flow Analysis Bodies.
3. Select Domains.
4. In the Functions panel click Turn on/off view properties and select the following from the list: Hide all surfaces, Hide all grids, and Hide all outlines.
5. To view the surface, mesh or outline for a boundary, in the Flow Analysis Tree, under Boundary Conditions > General Boundaries select the boundary CYCLONE_4_1_FLUID.
6. In the Properties panel, View tab, set Surface, Grid, and Outline to Yes. The mesh for the boundary CYCLONE_4_1_FLUID appears in the graphics window.