Creo Topology Optimization > Results > To Select a Response to Explore
To Select a Response to Explore
1. On the Results tab, click the arrow next to the Response Types list, and then select a response type. The items that appear depend on the response type you select:
Topology Element Density—A topology density plot shows the density for each element. The Density Isosurface group appears.
Displacement, Element Stress, Element Strain, Element Strain Energy, Grid Stress, Reaction Force, Mode Shape, and Temperature response types—The Response Options group is shown.
1. Click the arrow in the Analysis list, and select an analysis.
2. Click the arrow in the Component list, and select a component of the response type.
3. In the Mode box, type the mode number of the natural (resonance) frequency. This is available for the Mode Shape response, and strain energy for the modal analysis.
2. Use the Design Cycles slider or box to enter the number of the design cycle whose results you want to view.