Creo Topology Optimization > Optimization Setup > Analyses > To Create a Modal Analysis
To Create a Modal Analysis
1. Click Home > Analyses. The Analyses dialog box opens.
2. Click New. The Analysis Definition dialog box opens.
3. In the Name box, type a descriptive name for the analysis.
4. From the Type menu, select Modal.
5. In the Description box, type a description of the analysis.
6. To define the constraint sets, under Constraint Sets:
To add constraint sets:
1. Click Add. The Sets Selection dialog box opens.
2. Select a constraint set, and click OK.
3. Repeat until you add all the required constraint sets.
To remove a constraint set, select it and then click Remove.
7. To define the number of modes (resonant frequencies) to analyze, in the Number of modes box, enter a number.
8. To define the method to compute Eigenvalues, next to Eigenvalue method (EIGR), select SMS or Lanczos.
9. To specify whether to track modes, in the Mode tracking (MODTRK) box, select an option:
Yes—Tracks modes with buckling load factors or constrained frequencies.
All—Tracks all modes.
No—Does not track modes.
10. To define the range within which to find the natural frequencies, type the lowest value in the From box, and the highest value in the To box.
11. Click OK. The new modal analysis appears in the Analyses folder in the Model Tree.