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Edge Distribution—Topology Optimization
Click Home and then click the arrow next to Control. Click Edge Distribution. The Edge Distribution Control dialog box opens. Use this control to specify the number of nodes you want the mesh generator to create on one or more edges or curves in your model. This type of mesh control affects shells, bars, and solid meshes.
Specify the following information in the dialog box:
Name—Specify a name for the mesh control or use the default name.
References—Select one or more curves or edges or both. You can select the geometric entities before or after the dialog box opens. The selected entities appear in the References collector.
To flip the direction of node distribution, select the edge or curve again. The arrow on the specified edge shows the direction. To indicate that the distribution direction is flipped, the word reversed is added next to References.
Properties—Specify the following properties of the dialog box:
Number of Nodes—Specify the minimum number of nodes you want distributed along the selected edge or curve. Creo may create additional nodes if the nearby geometry is complex.
First/Last Nodal Interval Ratio—Specify the ratio of the first interval on the edge or curve to the last interval on the edge or curve. For example, if you enter 3 as the ratio, the last interval will be 3 times the length of the first interval. The intermediate nodes are spaced in graduating intervals proportionate to the ratio. If you enter a ratio of 1, all intervals are equal.
Prevent Additional Nodes—Select this check box if you want the number in the Number of Nodes text box to be a precise number. Mesh creation stops if it requires more nodes than the number you set. When the meshing fails, the edges that require additional nodes are highlighted.
The mesh generator only accepts the Edge Distribution mesh control if you apply it to unmeshed components. If a component has a mesh, the mesh generator ignores the mesh control.
For details about mesh, see the Creo Simulate help.