Creo Topology Optimization > Mesh > Diagnostics for a FEM Mesh—Topology Optimization
Diagnostics for a FEM Mesh—Topology Optimization
After you create a mesh, click Home > Diagnostics to open the Diagnostics dialog box.
From the Diagnostics dialog box you can view all errors and warning messages that are generated from the most recent FEM meshing. Elements or geometric entities that are problematic in the process of meshing are highlighted. You can identify problems in the meshing, and take actions to correct them.
The Diagnostics dialog box includes the following items:
Menu bar—Manages the messages.
List area—Lists all messages generated during a process. It appears similar to the Model Tree in Creo Parametric.
Attributes—Shows the Source and Ignore attributes for each message and reference entity. You can view the source of the message in the Source attribute, and you can ignore the message or reference entity by selecting the Ignore check box.
Text area—Shows details of a message. Select the message in the list area to get a detailed view in the text area.
Help area—Provides additional information about diagnostic error messages, warning messages, and information messages. Click the link at the bottom of the Diagnostics dialog box to open the help.
Close—Closes the dialog box. If you close the dialog box while meshing a model, the messages generated in the process are not visible.
For details about mesh, see the Creo Simulate help.