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About Constraints in Topology Optimization
Before you can analyze a part for topology optimization, the model must be set up to capture real world conditions, including defining constraints. Constraints limit portions of the model geometry so that the model cannot move, or can move only in a predetermined way.
This section describes mechanical and thermal constraints. Design constraints, that define the physical features to use as constraints during optimization, are described in the section about optimization setup.
If constraints are already defined in a model, then they appear in the Creo Topology Optimization environment. You can use the model setup, including constraints, from other sources such as from legacy models or from other users.
You can set up the following types of constraints in Creo Topology Optimization:
Prescribed Temperature
Convection Condition
You can set up constraints for a model in the Creo Topology Optimization environment. You can also set up constraints in Creo Simulate FEM (Finite Element Method) mode first, and then open the model in Creo Topology Optimization. For information about constraints, see topics in the Creo Simulate help. Some functionality in Creo Simulate, might not be available in Creo Topology Optimization.