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About Analyses in Topology Optimization
Use Analyses to create and manage analyses. Before creating an analysis, you set up your model by defining loads and constraints to use for calculating the response of the model. In an analysis, you select from these definitions to create the combination that you require. An analysis maintains the selected definitions together as a unit.
Click Home > Analyses to open the Analyses dialog box where analyses are listed. Analyses you create are added to this list.
You can perform the following tasks in the Analyses dialog box:
New—Creates a new analysis:
Structural analysis examines the effects of loads on physical structures such as bridges, buildings, or vehicles.
Modal analysis examines the effects of dynamic loads, such as vibration or noise, of specified frequencies, on structures.
Thermal analysis examines the effects of temperature on the properties of materials.
Duplicate—Duplicates the selected analysis, and assigns a new name that indicates which analysis was copied. This is useful if you need to run a number of analyses that have only minor differences. You can then edit the copied analysis.
Edit—Edits the selected analysis.
Delete—Deletes an existing analysis.