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Workflow—Creo Simulation Live
To analyze a model using Creo Simulation Live perform the following steps:
1. Set the value of the configuration option enable_creo_simulation_live to yes.
2. Create your model geometry using Creo, or open a model.
3. Assign a material to the model.
a. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
b. Click change in the Materials area to open the Materials dialog box.
c. Browse through the Legacy-Materials and the Standard-Materials_Granta-Design folders to select a material. Double-click to add the material to the model. The material appears in the Materials in Model area of the Materials dialog box.
d. Select the material, right-click and select Assign. Click OK to assign the material to the model.
4. Set up live simulation—Click Live Simulation. By default, a structural analysis is created with the name Structure1.
a. Create one of the following simulation studies:
Structural—Click Add Simulation to add a new structural analysis to the model.
Thermal—Click Add Simulation to add a new thermal analysis to the model.
Modal—Click Add Simulation to add a new modal analysis to the model.
5. Assign constraints—Constrain the model for different degrees of freedom based on your requirement, to simulate a real-world environment. For thermal analyses, create thermal boundaries for your model.
6. Assign loads—Assign loads to your model to simulate load conditions to which the model is subject.
7. Set up results—Click Result Options to open the Live Simulation Display Options dialog box. Select the result type that you are interested in studying.
8. Run live Simulation—Click Simulate to start live simulation. A fringe plot of the results is displayed on the model in the graphics window.
9. Based on your results, modify your concept design by changing the geometry. You can also vary material, loads, constraints, or result options. The simulation results update instantly in the graphics window.
For a single model you can create different types of simulation studies to study different design aspects of your model. Live simulation runs on the active simulation study.
To adjust the trade-off between speed and accuracy, click Setup > Performance Options. The Simulation Quality dialog box opens. Move the slider to the right for increased accuracy, but slower speed of simulation. Move the slider to the left to increase the speed of the simulation, at the cost of accuracy. Use the configuration option sim_live_result_quality to set the default value of accuracy of live simulation. The value varies from 0.05 to 1.0, and can be changed by multiples of 0.05.