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Running a Thermal Simulation—Creo Simulation Live
Run a thermal simulation to calculate the thermal response to heat loads, depending on the prescribed temperatures , applied convection conditions or both. Steady-state thermal analyses assume a steady-state for all thermal loads and boundary conditions. This form of analysis does not evaluate changes over time.
To run a thermal analysis you must define the following minimum inputs:
A material for the model.
One or more of the following thermal boundary conditions:
A convection condition for the surfaces in contact with the air around the solid body.
A prescribed temperature boundary condition for a surface.
One or more of the following loads:
A heat flow load.
A heat flux load.
To Run a Thermal Solution
1. Open a model or create a new model.
2. Assign a material if not assigned.
3. Click Live Simulation to open the Live Simulation tab.
4. Click Add Simulation to add a new thermal analysis study to the model.
5. Define thermal boundary conditions and thermal loads for the model.
6. Click Live Simulation > Result Options to select the type of result that you want to view.
7. Click Live Simulation > Start to start live simulation.
8. Change the model geometry, boundary conditions, loads, material, or result options. The result fringe plot updates instantly in the graphics window.
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