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Running a Modal Simulation—Creo Simulation Live
Use modal analyses to calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of your model. Based on the natural frequencies and mode shapes you can modify your model by changing the stiffness or mass of the model.
Simulation Inputs
To run a modal simulation you must define the following minimum inputs:
A material for the model.
At least one of the following displacement constraints:
A displacement constraint for one or more surfaces.
One or more surfaces designated as fixed supports.
To Run a Modal Simulation
1. Open a model or create a new model. Click Live Simulation to open the Live Simulation tab.
2. Define a material for the model if there is no material assigned.
3. Click Add Simulation to add a new modal analysis study to the model.
4. Select a surface and define a displacement, fixed, or frictionless constraint for it.
5. Click Live Simulation > Result Options to select the type of result that you want to view.
6. Click Live Simulation > Start to start live simulation.
7. Change the model geometry, boundary conditions, loads, material, or result options. The result fringe plot updates instantly in the graphics window.
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