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Coordinate System Guidelines
When you create coordinate systems, be aware of the following:
When Creo Simulate displays coordinates, they are coordinates of the current coordinate system, unless otherwise indicated.
Creo Simulate displays an icon for the WCS and for each UCS you create. If you have multiple windows, Creo Simulate displays the WCS icon in each window, but only displays UCS icons in one window.
Creo Simulate highlights the icon of the current coordinate system in green.
Creo Simulate saves user coordinate systems with your model. When you reopen a model, Creo Simulate automatically uses the current coordinate system active when you last saved the model as the current coordinate system for the new session. However, if you are working in Creo Simulate, switch to another Creo Parametric application, and return to Creo Simulate in the same session, the software uses the last coordinate system you designated as current before you switched applications.
If you use a UCS as a reference for a load, constraint, or measure, Creo Simulate warns you if you try to delete that UCS. If you delete the UCS, Creo Simulate also deletes the load, constraint, or measure.
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