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Regeneration Analysis
A regeneration analysis is a predefined analysis that regenerates your Creo Parametric model. Because regeneration analysis does not import geometry or generate elements for the part, it is a quick method of running a design study without having to first set up an analysis.
You can select regeneration analysis for the following design study types:
Standard Design Study
Local Sensitivity
Global Sensitivity
When you select regenerate (Model Regeneration Only) from the list of analyses, Creo Simulate runs a regeneration analysis and generates a summary and log report.
For standard design study, the regenerate option only appears in the list of existing analyses for the model, when one or more dimension or Creo Parametric parameter is selected.
For local and global sensitivity studies, the regenerate option appears automatically in the list of existing analyses for the model.
For optimization studies, Creo Simulate runs a regeneration analysis automatically if any of the following are true:
The goal and all selected limits are Creo Parametric parameter-driven measures.
The goal is a Creo Parametric parameter-driven measure and no limits are defined.
The selected limits are all Creo Parametric parameter-driven measures and no goal is defined.
If a study is a candidate for regeneration analysis, you can choose either of two modes in which to run the analysis:
Current session of Creo Parametric—Enables a faster analysis which runs in the session you were working in.
Separate session of Creo Parametric—Enables you to continue working in the same session of Creo Parametric while the study runs in a different session.