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Using Measures More than Once for Optimization Limits
For optimization study limits, you can use the same measure more than once. For measures that use the same combination of analyses and load set or mode numbers, you must adhere to these restrictions:
Enter different values for each limit.
Use different mathematical operators for each limit.
Do not use = as the operator for either limit.
For modal analyses, use the same selection for Track Specific Mode for both limits.
If you set limits within the same analysis that conflict with each other, Creo Simulate attempts to satisfy only one of the conflicting limits. For example, if you assigned contradictory values to two related measures such as max_stress_xx < 1 and max_stress_prin > 2, Creo Simulate interprets the limit as meaning it should either keep max_stress_xx less than 1 or keep max_stress_prin greater than 2.
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