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Design Study Options Dialog Box
Depending on the type of design study you are working with, and the product you are in, the dialog box displays different items.
You can carry out the following additional calculations during the design study:
Optimization algorithm—Use this option to specify an algorithm other than the default algorithm for an optimization design study. When making this decision, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm.
Optimization convergence—Use this option to specify the percentage that you want to be used to determine when an optimization has converged.
Maximum iterations—Use this option to specify the maximum number of iterations that you want carried out during the optimization.
* The optimization study continues until it reaches either the Optimization convergence value or the Maximum iterations value you have defined.
Repeat P-loop convergence—Use this option to change the shape of your model considerably in the sensitivity or optimization study.
Re-mesh after each shape update—Use this option to remesh your model after each shape update.
Shape animate the model—Click this button to show the effects of one or more design variables on your model. This option is available only for Global Sensitivity Study. This option allows you to view the shape changes in steps, and not only at a specific value. You should use this option to preview shape changes and prevent problems with your design variables before running a design study.