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To Run a Regeneration Analysis
This procedure assumes that you selected model regeneration analysis from the Analyses list when you defined the design study.
1. Click Home > Analyses and Studies. The Analyses and Design Studies dialog box opens.
2. Select the model regeneration analysis you want to run from the Analyses and Design Studies list.  
3. Click or Run > Start.
Creo Simulate may display one or more prompts before starting the run.
4. Select one of the following options from the Run Mode Choice dialog box:
Run in Current Session of Creo Parametric—Enables you to observe the effects of the design variable changes and reduces the analysis run time. While the study is running, you cannot work in this session of Creo Parametric.
Run in Separate Session of Creo Parametric—Enables you to continue working in the current session of Creo Parametric while Creo Simulate runs the design study. You will not be able to observe design variable changes until either the study is complete or you interrupt it.
5. Select Run to start the analysis.
6. When the study is complete, you can choose to keep the new values or return to the original values.
You can check to see if the regeneration analysis is complete by looking for a directory named regenerate in the directory from which you launched Creo Simulate.