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–sturm option
Specifies whether or not the Structure engine performs a Sturm sequence test for a modal analysis. By default, the engine performs this test in certain situations to ensure that it has identified the correct number of modes of vibration. The configuration option sim_sturm_sequence controls whether the —sturmalways or–sturmnever command line option is included in the msengine command in both inline and batch mode.
You can control Sturm sequence checking by using one of the following options:
–sturm default
Equivalent to giving no –sturm command line option. Creo Simulate performs a Sturm sequence test only for those modal analyses that include a search for rigid body modes. For nearly all models, Creo Simulate correctly identifies all of the modes of vibration when you use this option.
–sturm always
Creo Simulate performs a Sturm sequence test for all modal analyses, which may significantly increase execution time.
–sturm never
Creo Simulate does not perform a Sturm sequence test for any modal analyses.
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