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–elram ram_size
Specifies the amount, in megabytes, of RAM available to store element matrices created by the iterative solver. This option is only relevant if you are also using the -iter option. The value must be greater than 0.1. If you do not specify a value, or if you omit this option, the engine allocates 2 megabytes by default.
* The bsram and elram options have been superseded by the solram option. If you choose to use bsram and/or elram, you must specify them on the msengine command line, or by editing the mecbatch file.
This allocation and the –bsram allocation represent part of the memory the engine uses to run a design study. The engine dynamically allocates the rest of the memory it needs for the run.
You can increase the speed of the iterative solver by increasing the amount of RAM you allocate with this option.
As a general guideline, set this value to one-quarter of your machine RAM. Do not set this value to more than half of your workstation installed RAM. The optimal value also depends on other factors, such as what other processes are running on your machine.
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