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RMS Stress Error Estimates
RMS stress error estimates are displayed on the Summary tab of the Run Status dialog box. The stress error does not include regions of potential singularities. When all the external edges have potential singularities then stress error estimate information is not included.
For static and contact analyses, the following information is displayed:
Load Set Name—The name of the load set to which the RMS stress error estimate applies.
Stress Error—Obtained by sampling the local error estimates along external edges. The estimate excludes regions with potential singularities (constraints, reentrant corners). You can use the stress error as an uncertainty for local stress values.
% Of Max Prin Str—Keep in mind that if the maximum principal stress occurs at a singular region of the model, Creo Simulate excludes it from the sampling when evaluating the stress error estimate. In this case, the % Of Max Prin Str can be artificially low.
To assess the achieved stress accuracy, it is always better to use the absolute stress error estimate (from the previous column) rather than this relative value.
For modal, prestress modal, and buckling analyses, the following information is displayed:
stress error (% of Max Modal Stress)